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What is the threat to e-fraudsters?

In 1997, Russia introduced criminal liability for crimes in the field of computer information, and in 1998-the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia created a special unit to combat crimes in the field of information technology, the so-called «K» unit. Thus, the penalty provided for by the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for illegally obtaining and using information constituting a Bank secret (article 183), as well as for unauthorized access to computer information (article 272), can be up to five years in prison.

How do people steal money from plastic cards?

To withdraw money from your plastic card, just find out your card number and CVS (the last three digits on the back of the card). How will fraudsters find out this information? It’s very simple, people say them themselves. Fraudsters use three or four ways to extract card data from their victims.

The first way:

A text message comes to your phone saying that you have won a laptop and ask you to call back to get the prize. when a person calls this number on the other end of the cellular line, they are asked to transfer the cost of the laptop to their plastic card and to do this, they need a card number and CVS. The victim reports this data and says goodbye to all available money on this card.

Please note that all SMS messages sent to you by the Bank do not have a return phone number, but only an ID, that is, in the phone ‘from whom:’ displays the Bank name

The second way:

In this case, you will also receive a text message to your phone, but only with the content that your card is blocked and you are asked to call back. Here the victim is asked to go to the nearest terminal or ATM, enter the cashier’s number and unlock number, and at the same time choose your mobile operator.

This is just one of those cases that prove to us what kind of trusting people we have in Russia, since the victim chooses a mobile operator and enters the amount, not the cashier’s number, then the fraudster asks, inserts a card and pays for a cell phone. Please note that money is transferred to the phone online, and in this case, the fraudster immediately transfers it from his cell phone to some electronic wallets. Of course, SIM cards and e-wallets are registered to a third party. In such cases, it is impossible to return the money.

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