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Identity theft methods to watch out for in 2020

Criminals are highly sophisticated these days. They are using new hacking methods and learning innovations in the sphere of technology.
Here is the list of common phishing techniques, and tips to protect yourself.
1. Child stolen identity
Parents may not even be aware scams have created fake accounts in their kid’s identity and put their credits in a mess until children grow up and request a credit or want to purchase a car.
What to do: Children’s parents should ask for a credit freeze on the account. A balance freeze can be taken free from any big credit agency for kids under 16.

2. Wire fraud
Some scammers hunt for large transmissions of money — and catch them for their use.
Id hackers know who is in search of buying a house, and even who the agents are. It can be done by hacking an email address. Criminals just inform you where to send your reimbursement. These kinds of wire fraud are highly fruitful.
What to do: Check the wiring directives. On no occasion wire funds along with email directions, no matter who sent them to you.

3. Stolen PINs and passwords
The largest economic institutions worldwide currently use biometrics. They modify security every time confirming who you are and what you possess. It’s the safest way to validate an individual who is intending to transfer a payment. Your fingerprints, iris, voice, and face recognition may be used with the help of biometrics.
Using pets’ names, PINs and secret codes are old-style.
What to do: The only way to be confident is to be informed when a bank is using biometrics to secure your balance and they should notify and ask your approval.

4. Tax-related identity theft
Annually, individuals file the taxes anticipating getting large repayment, and suddenly discovering that somebody has previously filed with their name and got a check. The attempts have been made by the IRS to control this crime, but it’s still a big issue.
What to do: Don’t hold back from your fee, so it’s become available for a hacker to steal. Of course, you need to file early — do it before the fraudsters.
You should report to the IRS if you have become a victim of stolen identity.

5. Love scams
The majority of lovers at online dating sites have bad intentions. They look out for money.
What to do: Avoid trusting anybody too fast. Do not share personal details, send money, or gifts.

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