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Types of fraud on the Internet and with Phone Calls

Lack of sufficient consideration to the security of transactions conducted on the net can make these operations susceptible to criminals. Following the tips given in this article, you can confidently protect yourself and your assets from scam attacks.

Scam in online stores

How can I protect myself from scam when purchasing products over the Internet? Low-quality goods are problematic to identify remotely, and the transaction terms are not always clear.

First, the consumer should be notified by the price of the offered product, which is too low, as well as the absence of the definite address of the trader. In this case, be sure to make inquiries about the site, contact them and find out the product characteristics you previously knew. Vague answers or incorrect facts should be a cause to refuse the purchase. If in uncertainty, pay for the product only with a receipt.

Phone fraud
The techniques used by lawbreakers are very diverse. For instance, a purchaser receives a call from a radio station and is notified of a lottery win. Nonetheless, to get a prize (or participate in the jackpot drawing), the customer is asked to activate an Express reimbursement card and top up somebody else’s phone account. If you receive that kind of a call, learn if that this program is actually live. Keep in mind that the largest mobile companies never call for activating Express cards when conducting lotteries.
Besides, you may receive a message with an offer to remove spam or take part in the campaign of your mobile operator. In this case, you are asked to send an» empty» SMS message to a short number, and then click on the link to remove yourself from the subscription list. you will lose money because of these manipulations, but you will still get spam. Hence, when you get such a message, call your mobile operator and let them know about the message that you received.
Lately, mobile operator users received messages allegedly from acquaintances with a request to transfer funds on their account.
If you get an analogous message, call the specified number and detect the identity of the message sender, and only then made an assessment.

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