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How can I protect myself from fraud?

The only real way to reduce the likelihood of fraud with a plastic card is to follow simple security rules. Bank employees urge their customers to pay more attention to their cards: do not trust the cards to third parties, do not leave them unattended, do not write the PIN code in easily accessible places, and even more so on the card itself. Make sure to leave a sample of your signature on the back of the card immediately after you receive it. And never tell anyone your PIN code. Neither employees of the Bank that issued the card, nor ATM service personnel have the right to demand it.

Never lose sight of the card when paying in restaurants or stores. Better yet, ask that the card be passed through the imprinter in your presence. Take a closer look at what is being done with your card, do not pay with a credit card in questionable establishments, and be sure to keep copies of your receipts. There are cases when paying for services in a restaurant, during just a couple of minutes, while the card was out of sight of the owner, confidential information about its holder and the number of funds on the card account was read from the magnetic stripe of the card.

A piece of advice that Bank security experts give to their clients,?- immediately inform the Bank about the loss or theft of your payment card. Investigating a crime in hot pursuit is much easier than if the owner suddenly comes to his senses in a couple of weeks.

Finally, check the movement of money on your card account. There are strict deadlines within which the cardholder can do something. Special attention should be paid to account transactions where the card was used.

Safety precautions when paying with a card on the Internet

Don’t leave information about yourself and your card on sites that you don’t know anything about. Ask your friends and acquaintances about these sites, take an interest in the relevant conferences, and find out where the organization with which you are going to make money transactions is located. At the same time, pay attention to various certificates confirming the security of payments through this site. If there is no address at all or it does not cause trust, then before you pay, think about whether it is worth it?
Do not use cards that contain large amounts of money for online payments. It is better to have a separate card for such purposes and transfer money there as necessary.

If you have any suspicions about illegal debiting of money from your account, contact your Bank. The cardholder has a certain period to refuse or challenge the illegal debiting of money from the card account. The length of this period should be specified in the Bank that issued the card.

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