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Fraud in ATM operations

Another method of electronic financial fraud is the use of special technical means to obtain card data through ATMs. For this purpose, in particular, special «pads» are used on the ATM keyboard, which remembers keystrokes while the cardholder withdraws funds.

Another device is special plastic envelopes, the size of which is slightly larger than the size of the card. They are placed in the hole of the ATM card reader. The ATM, unnaturally, cannot read data from the magnetic stripe, but it is also impossible to return the card due to the envelope design. At this time, the attacker approaches and offers to help, but to do this, the holder must perform several actions, including dialing the PIN code. Despite this, the card is not returned. If the owner leaves to contact the issuing Bank, the fraudster calmly takes out the envelope along with the credit card. He already knows the PIN code, and all he has to do is withdraw funds from the account.

Not only envelopes can be embedded in the card reader, but also special devices based on skimmers that read information from the card when a legitimate user withdraws funds.

Very often, a micro-camera is installed unnoticeably on ATMs. It records the person who enters the PIN code and passes the data set to hackers.

Another tool is fake ATMs that completely imitate the real ones. They correctly read information from the card, including the pin code, but do not issue money. The card is returned to the owner, but all information about it is stored in the memory of this «ATM».

This method is very expensive and is only used by large criminal groups.

ATM security measures

First of all, try not to use ATMs in deserted places or in places where there are a lot of people. In a deserted place, when withdrawing money, the cardholder becomes too vulnerable to being robbed. And the crowd can’t be sure that no one will see the user’s pin code.

Second, don’t let to see you enter your PIN code to other people. Do not hesitate to close the ATM keyboard from strangers. And if possible, do not make mistakes when entering the PIN code. After three incorrect code entries, the ATM will delay the card.

Third, check whether everything was taken from the ATM. After the transaction is completed, the cardholder must still have the card, money, and statement of the transaction. If something is missing and the ATM has not provided any additional information, then something is wrong. The holder may risk becoming a victim of fraud.

Fourth, always save the statements on the results of the operation, which are issued by the ATM. This will allow you to keep track of expenses and control how money is debited from your account.

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