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The term identity theft reminds the situation when people are stealing private information to commit swindle, images of thieves stealing credit and bank information appear in our minds, so this case is known as financial id theft. Nonetheless, there are numerous other kinds of stolen identities. Therefore, being aware of what should be done if you are a stolen identity victim starts with knowing what type of scam you’re undergoing.

Medical Id Theft
This type of fraud occurs when thieves use your name, Social Security number, insurance info, and other personal data to access health services. The thieves may get health care, medications, access to your medicinal records, or health insurance reporting using this info. To prevent
To help prevent or spot medical fraud, review carefully your insurance benefits reviews and medical data, and keep your Social Security insurance and cards in a safe place.
Criminal Stolen Identity
This happens when somebody presents himself or herself as another individual when they’re under arrest or cited for a crime. Typically, lawbreakers who do this have Social Security numbers, a photo ID, and additional information related to the victim. If done effectively, the thief will not commit criminal activity added on his or her record, and instead, it will go on the victim’s information. Though this kind of stolen identity is rare, it does occur.

Tax Id Theft
To get a tax refund, people can steal and use your business’ Employer Identification Number or your Social Security number. People don’t usually realize this happened until they receive a notice from your state or the Internal Revenue Service. As an alternative, you could be unable to file your tax return as your Social Security data has already been used.
Even if you’re a victim of tax identity theft, you have to file your taxes and pay all that is owed.

Social Security Id Theft
The most valuable piece of personal information that a person can steal is your Social Security number. Hackers may use it together with your additional personal data to open different account types and even obtain services.
In this type of scam often criminals call people and pretend to be from the Social Security Administration. They’ll notice that your number is about to be deferred, or something comparable, and they will ask you to verify it, and in this way, stealing it.
Avoid giving your Social Security number to anybody who contacts you unexpectedly—even if they claim they are from an administration office.

Synthetic Identity Theft
In this type of fraud, the criminal will use pieces of info from numerous victims and combine them to generate a novel identity. The new id isn’t any definite person, but all the victims can be under impact when it’s used.
Child Stolen Identity
Child id theft has tuned to a serious concern lately. Children are perfect targets because people don’t usually track their credit information—as there’s often no other cause to do so. Due to this, thieves may get away with lots of damage before they are caught.
Child’s information may be used to open accounts or file taxes, and not one person will likely discover until a kid begins working, wants to buy a car, and others.
What’s sad, in these cases, the person who commits identity theft against children is often a friend or family member. This implies the parents will not typically want to press charges.

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