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How to protect your Bank card from thieves

The increasing proliferation of Bank cards is accompanied by the appearance of an increasing number of various tricks aimed at stealing funds from the account. Experts gave some recommendations on how to protect yourself from possible theft.

First of all, you need to treat your Bank card the same way as your own money and keep it safe. You should not leave the card unattended, because scammers only need a few seconds to copy all the necessary information to transfer funds. By the way, for the same reason, you should not transfer the card itself to third parties, including relatives and friends. Most banks issue additional cards for them. However, if the theft occurred, you should immediately contact customer support and block the card.

The next part of the recommendations concerns the use of ATMs, which are often used by fraudsters for theft. Every time you approach the terminal, you need to examine it for suspicious items that are out of the overall structure of the device. Even after making sure that the device is secure, it is recommended to enter the pin Code, always covering the numbers from prying eyes.

As for payment for goods and services, you should pay with a card in any case with caution, carefully checking the purchase price and the amount to be debited. In online stores, this issue is particularly relevant, making purchases on questionable sites means exposing yourself to an increased risk of being left without a purchase and money.

As a result, the owner seriously increases the reliability of their card if they follow the minimum precautions. However, this alone is not enough. It is useful to connect the card to a mobile Bank service, which sends information on all account changes and transactions made from the card to the cardholder’s mobile phone for a nominal monthly fee,

Today, customers of most banks also have the opportunity to ensure their credit cards in case of possible loss or theft of funds, however, this paid service has not yet become widespread in Russia. However, card insurance is by far the most reliable way to protect a «credit card». For classic cards, the amount of compensation in Russia can reach 75 thousand rubles, and for «gold» cards — 150 thousand rubles. With the symbolic cost of insurance from 100-150 rubles per month, the benefit of such a service looks more than obvious.

There are a great number of fraud tools, but they are divided into several types. For example, you can install reader devices on an ATM that steal card information. These include pads on the keyboard for recording keystrokes, or envelope-trap, which «eat» the card. In addition, fraudsters attach hidden cameras at ATMs that record the entered pin codes and card numbers.

Some criminals are connected to the cable, which is the information on transactions. The practice of phishing, in which card information is fraudulently «extracted» from the cardholder, is not inferior in popularity to such technological devices.

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